Your Hidden Partner

We deliver top-tier web and mobile apps under your brand. We are a hidden partner of the leading ad agencies across Europe. We are their driving power.

Clutch Leader of 2019 - Czech republic
Techreviewer 2019 - Top iOS developer - Czech republic

We develop web and mobile apps that win prizes

Mobile apps

Native and hybrid
We dare to say we have mastered every challenge that has been put in front of us. From e-commerce applications to hardware-related applications connected to iBeacons, we have worked on apps that have millions of users and some that serve just a small niche. The key is that the application fulfills the purpose and fits into the concept in which the agency operates.

Web apps

Node.js, React JS, PHP
We are working on projects for American startups as well as European corporations. Sometimes we tinker with artificial intelligence and machine learning, and sometimes we do polishing on the front-end for a pixel perfect finish that illustrates the precision and quality of the product which we are selling.


You already know what technology we use and who we work with. We would also like to tell you what we value and why we will work well together. This manifesto hangs in the office on the walls, and we wake up and fall asleep with it.

Team first

Yes, everyone always says to put the client first. And we do. However, we are not afraid to value our team and hold it at the same level. The team is responsible for those perfectly delivered projects, and that’s why we are constantly improving our work environment.

Transparency and mutual trust

We build long term business relationships so that you can have complete confidence in us. It is not about making a quick profit for us. Ask at U + or PragueBest. And we are always sure to communicate with you about every question.

Life and learning

We know there is life outside of the office, and we always like when we can develop interpersonal relationships with a frisbee or wine in our hands. The same applies to learning and improving. Some would say the conferences we hold are a “waste of time and money”, but expanding our horizons is a key part of the job for us.

White-label is WIN WIN

Delivering our work under your agency’s brand is the best we could ever hope for. That’s the only way we can get jobs that small technology agencies do not have a chance to get. Thanks to that, we do the best work in the world and keep on top of the technological know-how.


Nad Vodovodem 45,
100 00 Strašnice,
Czech republic


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Oldřichovice 923,
Třinec, 739 61,
Czech republic


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David Hotar, CEO
+420 603 907 263
devx s.r.o.
IČO: 64618692
DIČ: CZ64618692